Hair Tips 101

I recently had the opportunity to speak to my Aunt all the way from Chile and we've gotten the chance to catch up. Luckily for me she is a hair stylist at a salon. So in other words she knows the hair do's and don'ts. I figured I'd fill you in on another one of those beauty not so secrets.When it comes to picking out your shampoos, conditioners, and hair creams, always and I mean ALWAYS pay attention to the ingredients. Why? Well, in case you didn't know there are companies out there who choose to add sodium, metal salts, and ammonia to their products. Why is this bad? It dries out you hair, it gives it a "dead appearance", whatever dye you put in your hair fades away a lot quicker, and it generally cause damage to healthy hair. So do keep in mind if it says anything in the lines of "sodium-free" and "ammonia-free". That also goes for take home hair dyes!
Beauty not so secret #2: Summer is pretty much here and what you want to do is begin to invest in hair products with UV protection...or you can wear a nice, cute summer  hat. UV rays and sun exposure cause your hair to get dry, hair color fades, split ends increase, and thins and frizzes hair.
Beauty Secret #3: When you head to the beach, always tie up your hair!! Again, why? because vapor from the water in the ocean which contains salt (sodium) increases the ability for ones hair color to fade a lot quicker and appear dry/dead.
Keep this in mind and I bet your hair will look lovely for the summer season!

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