2012 Beauty Spring Trends

2012 Spring trends.. Let's call this "Retro glam".
I'm sure many of you Glam Mmes who wear makeup have a boldly colorful set of eye shadows that you probably never used. Well, it's time to start 'cause part of the 2012 spring/summer trends you can bet you will not be the only one. Why not take it a step further by adding the smokey eye effect because that too is the "in" style. Don't be afraid to use that black liquid eyeliner to create a retro winged look. However if you're not one for the crazy, wild eye shadows, the dark eyeliners, and rather stay safe with the neutral look then don't fret because bold eyebrows and a fresh faced appearance is also going to be trending. Now I give my respects to the fresh faced looks for the simple fact that daily make-up isn't much of my thing. But I'm always and I do mean always ready to pull out my Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner anytime! Last but not least, the color pop lipstick is going to be in this season ladies so don't hesitate to pick up that bold red lipstick before heading out for a night in the city. Enjoy these tips honeys 'cause I know I will. <3

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