Hair Tips 101

I recently had the opportunity to speak to my Aunt all the way from Chile and we've gotten the chance to catch up. Luckily for me she is a hair stylist at a salon. So in other words she knows the hair do's and don'ts. I figured I'd fill you in on another one of those beauty not so secrets.When it comes to picking out your shampoos, conditioners, and hair creams, always and I mean ALWAYS pay attention to the ingredients. Why? Well, in case you didn't know there are companies out there who choose to add sodium, metal salts, and ammonia to their products. Why is this bad? It dries out you hair, it gives it a "dead appearance", whatever dye you put in your hair fades away a lot quicker, and it generally cause damage to healthy hair. So do keep in mind if it says anything in the lines of "sodium-free" and "ammonia-free". That also goes for take home hair dyes!
Beauty not so secret #2: Summer is pretty much here and what you want to do is begin to invest in hair products with UV protection...or you can wear a nice, cute summer  hat. UV rays and sun exposure cause your hair to get dry, hair color fades, split ends increase, and thins and frizzes hair.
Beauty Secret #3: When you head to the beach, always tie up your hair!! Again, why? because vapor from the water in the ocean which contains salt (sodium) increases the ability for ones hair color to fade a lot quicker and appear dry/dead.
Keep this in mind and I bet your hair will look lovely for the summer season!
Well hello again, I've come back to talk about this trendy new accessory I've added to my wardrobe... Turbans! Yes, in all colors and patterns ladies! I LOVE them, especially on my bed head days. So there's plenty of websites that you can buy them off of or if you're lucky to spot them when you're out shopping.

'Tis the season of prints!

Okay my fellow bloggers, it seems the 'scarf printed' patterns are making a comeback. Notice how some designers like Versace have already begun embracing this modernized trend. You can expect to see similar clothing at your local clothing stores and even in the web for you online shoppers! Don't be afraid to buy yourself a lovely Venetian printed silk shirt, just remember to wear a nice pair of old fashioned black leggings. (Basics & Patterns go best with each other if you know what I mean!) Enjoy.

Different ways to use your beloved eyeliner.

Here's a quick picture I thought would be nice to share on different ways to wear eyeliner. I recommend black liquid eyeliner. It's awesome, trust me.

2012 Beauty Spring Trends

2012 Spring trends.. Let's call this "Retro glam".
I'm sure many of you Glam Mmes who wear makeup have a boldly colorful set of eye shadows that you probably never used. Well, it's time to start 'cause part of the 2012 spring/summer trends you can bet you will not be the only one. Why not take it a step further by adding the smokey eye effect because that too is the "in" style. Don't be afraid to use that black liquid eyeliner to create a retro winged look. However if you're not one for the crazy, wild eye shadows, the dark eyeliners, and rather stay safe with the neutral look then don't fret because bold eyebrows and a fresh faced appearance is also going to be trending. Now I give my respects to the fresh faced looks for the simple fact that daily make-up isn't much of my thing. But I'm always and I do mean always ready to pull out my Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner anytime! Last but not least, the color pop lipstick is going to be in this season ladies so don't hesitate to pick up that bold red lipstick before heading out for a night in the city. Enjoy these tips honeys 'cause I know I will. <3

My impression of Cookie Monster cupcakes!

Made by yours truly for my beloved co-workers. Fun recipe! Check it out: