Beauty Secret: Numero Uno

It's not much of a beauty "secret" but whatever...
So I'm sure many of you have read a lot of articles about solutions to acne problems, blackheads, all that jazz. Well, I have a friend who decided to share with me something she read in an article. What might that product be? Witch Hazel.
"Wait, witch hazel?? what is that?" Let me begin by stating it will not turn you into a witch. . . . But it will help your acne problem! :D
First step: Apply heat to your face to open your pores. For example, placing your face over steam from boiling water.
Second step: Apply some of that witch hazel on a cotton swab, cotton round, w.e. and wipe gently over your face.
Third Step: Head on over to a sink and rinse your face off with some cold water (this will close your pores.)

Pretty simple! I've recently begun to use this, so I'll let you guys know how this works out for me. But you can purchase "T.N. DICKINSON'S WITCH HAZEL for face and body" at your local drugstore. I say try it out!